Methyl Hexahydrophthalic Anhydride (MHHPA)


Product Name: Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride

Other Names:  MHHPA

Formula: C9H12O3

CAS No. 25550-51-0

Quality Indicators:


Performance Characteristics :

Colorless transparent liquid, basically does not change color after adding accelerator, epoxy curing material white color;
The complex composed of aliphatic epoxy resin has low viscosity, long application period good heat resistance and high temperature electrical properties.
There is no double bond in the molecular structure, and the cured epoxy resin has good weather ability and aging resistance without being affected by light and heat.
The molecular structure is relatively non-polar, curing material has good moisture resistance:
High reactivity, quick curing, short gel time, high thermal deformation temperature of thecured material.

Main uses:

1. Epoxide curing agent:

It can be used for impregnation of electrical equipment coils andcasting of electrical components and sealing of semiconductors, such as casting outdooiinsulators, light-emitting diodes(LED), ignition coils, capacitors for special purposes, transformersmotors, sports and entertainment equipment and other fields requiring good resistance to outdoor ultraviolet light and moisture resistance.

2. Epoxy matrix composite material:

Its application with fiber reinforcedmaterials inlamination, centrifugal casting, pultrusion molding and otheraspects has been paid more andmore attention.Such as pressure cylinders, pressure lines, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc.

3. Adhesive:

MHHPA made of aliphatic epoxy adhesive refractive index and optical glass similar, after curing, small internal stress, high bonding strength, no color, aging resistance, suitable for large area of optical parts bonding.

Packaging storage:

20 kilograms, 25 kg, 220 kg and 240 kg lBC barrel packaging. The performance of this product is stable. During storage and transportation, attention should be closedmoistureproof,fireproof and waterproof, lt is stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse and stored at room temperature for one year.


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