Methyl Tetrahydrophthalic Anhydride (MTHPA)


Name: Methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride, MTHPA

Other Names: MTHPA

Formula: C9H10O3

CAS No: 11070-44-3 or 26590-20-5

Quality indicators:

Performance Characteristics :

1.Light color: pre-addition 0.5-3% tertiary amine accelerator (BDM A, DMP-30) basically unchanged.

lt is a light yellow transparent liquid, which can be used to cast light or natural solids.

2. Low viscosity: the process of casting, sealing and impregnation is good.

A large numberof fillers can be added when casting to make the curing material perform well. When used forimpregnation, it is easy to adjust it into suitable impregnation conditions. Laminaring is conducive to the affinity of the basics.

3. Stable performance, low freezing point, long application period, can be stored for aong time at room temperature, which is convenient for pipeline transportation. lt is conduciveto production automation and adapts to cold areas.

4. Low volatility, small heating loss, low toxicity, and only amine curingagents1/20-1/40.less irritating to human eyes and skin.

5. Good mutual solubility. This product is mutually soluble with all epoxy resins, and themixing viscosity is low. At the same time, the contraction and exothermic effect of the system are relatively low when heated and curing.

6.Small heating loss, small volume shrinkage of curing, high thermal deformation temperature, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and small dielectric loss analetangent(110°C).


Main uses:

It is used as epoxy resin curing agent, widely used in electronic components, LED diaital tubefilling glue, FRP composite wind power blades, automotive parts, dry transformers, high-voltage switches, high-voltage capacitors, transformers, household appliance capacitors, power capacitors impregnation, pouring and winding of integrated circuits.

Packaging storage:

20 kilograms, 25 kg, 220 kg and 240 kg lBC barrel packaging. The performance of this product is stable. During storage and transportation, attention should be closed moistureproof fireproof and waterproof. lt is stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse and stored at room temperature for one year.


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