Silica Gel Cat Litter


N.N Diethyl Hydroxylamine

Silica gel cat litter is fine finished by this feature of silica gel, and is a novel ideal pet waste detergent with incomparable excellent features of the traditional clay and other cat litters.. Main ingredient of silica gel cat litter takes non-toxic and pollution-free silicon dioxide as main ingredient, and is a household eco-friendly product. The used cat litter only needs to be buried in holes. Silica gel features white granular appearance, light weight and low crushing rate, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, and is the most popular cat litter product in the current international market.

Main application:

1.Strong adsorption capacity and high absorption speed
This cat litter can absorb faeces and urine of pets as well as peculiar smell generated therefrom within several seconds, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the surface of cat litter dry and clean to ensure sanitary safety of pet environments, and can also adsorb volatile gas and moisture in the air to achieve the effect of air freshener, thus keeping the air fresh and the environment clean. With unique properties, the silica gel cat litter generates minute quantity of refuse during use, thus reducing the labor intensity of owners and more effectively keeping the environment sanitary.

2. Small using amount, long service life
A bag of cat litter of about 3.6L can be continuously used by one cat for one month.

3. Multi-color & multi-flavor, pet favorites
Diverse colorful cat litters and cat litters with different fragrances have special attraction to pets, and can be very easily accepted by pets.


The main varieties

 Main Specifications

C-type spherical cat litter


C-type massive cat litter


Litter spherical water


Litter crude massive hole


B-type silica gel cat litter


Silica-alumina gel cat litter



Above specifications for my company's best-selling varieties in the international market, at the same time, the company also produces other varieties according to customer needs and specifications.

Using way:
In a clean litter box covered with a layer thickness of about 1.5 inches of litter.Cleaned regularly after using the generated waste, in order to maintain clean.

Using days:

we recommend the use of a bag of cat litter 3.6L: a cat, a month, two cats ,Fifteen Days, three cats, 10 days or so.
Litter after adsorption saturation should be promptly removed from the box with a spoon.
Litter extend the use of time method:
1) When used, cat litter boxes to choose place in well-ventilated, dry place.
2) When not in use, cat litter to be placed in a dry place.

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